A Christmas City Christmas In this fourth and final installment of my Christmas City series, Immortals visit Bethlehem and during their visit, their 'Family' is added to, a retro toy store sees a surge in sales, and there could be a miracle or two awaiting the residents of the city, $13

First in the Christmas City series

A vampire stalks women in Bethlehem, Pa.

In 2010, between Black Friday and Christmas, a vampire must slay five young women in order to end a 150 year curse. $13

This is the second in the Christmas City series

Werewolves terrorize Bethlehem

Nearly five years after vampire terrorizes the Christmas City, a young man is found ripped apart in a field near the Stabler campus of Lehigh University. A witness swears the student was killed by a werewolf. Before long, more werewolves are discovered, and the hunt is on. $13

The Christmas City Angel

The Christmas City Angel. An angel has come to Bethlehem to reward several residents with a gift from God. $13