Civil War Time-Travel

Sent to the past via a weather anomaly, retired Brigadier General Dan Rodin is captured by Confederate soldiers. He is taken to meet Robert E. Lee, who sees things not of his time. Rodin is incarcerated as a Prisoner of War, and he must escape before the outcome of the war is possibly changed. $9

After surviving Gettysburg in 1863, Dan Rodin finds himself on the top floor of the unfinished Empire Stae Buliding in 1930. He is reunited with his grandfather, a traveler since 1920, and he helps thwart a robbery of millions of dollars. $9

After Dan disappears in 1930, he finds himself once again in NYC, on September 10th, 2001. Is he here to stop the attacks on the World Trade Center, or must he do something else before he leaps somewhen else? $10