Local Author Larry Deibert Introduces Witches in Latest Paranormal Tale


Author Larry Deibert recently sat down at Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown to discuss his newest book, ‘Witches, Werewolves and Walter.’

Hellertown author Larry L. Deibert has a new book and another one in the works. But perhaps you’ve heard that before. Deibert has, after all, been on a literary roll the past few years.

The prolific writer who specializes in tales of the paranormal is blazing ahead with promotion of his latest tome (self-published in February), Witches, Werewolves and Walter, which is a tapestry of sorts, into which many characters from his earlier works are woven.


Deibert recently sat down with Saucon Source at Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown to explain his new book’s title and much more.

Walter, the subject of the new book, he said is an “earthbound spirit” who never moved on, unlike the other spirits in his book From Darkness to Light.

From the description on the back cover of the book:

The book’s setting along the North Carolina coast should be familiar to loyal readers, as it is for Deibert, who has vacationed there and drawn inspiration from the area for some of his other works.

However, this is actually Deibert’s first novel to feature witches, who he said he has wanted to write about for some time.

To help keep things clear for new and veteran readers alike, Witches, Werewolves and Walter is also Deibert’s first book to include an introduction and character list.

Deibert, who has two grown children, is a retired letter carrier who never planned to be a writer, and started writing books well into his adulthood.

“I always had a pretty good imagination,” he noted.

Growing up, Deibert was an avid reader of comic books and horror film fan, and to this day he said he enjoys TV shows and horror movies.

With his wife Peggy he enjoys travel, often finding inspiration in their destinations. And wherever he is, Deibert is a keen observer of people, which is something he said all writers need to be.

Sometimes it’s just a snippet of a conversation heard in passing that becomes the seed from which a character develops.

“(The character development process) is a lot of fun,” he said.

“I feel like if I’m entertaining ‘X’ amount of people, I’m happy,” he added.

Deibert is already well into writing his next novel, The Christmas City Angel, and said he is looking for local people to share their experiences with angels with him for possible inclusion–with attribution–in the book.

In addition to ‘Walter,’ Deibert is the author of Werewolves in the Christmas City (published last year), 95 BravoThe Other Side of the Ridge: Gettysburg June 27th 2013 to July 2nd 1863Fathoms: A Novel of the ParanormalRequiem for a VampireCombat Boots dainty feet: Finding Love in VietnamThe Christmas City Vampire, From Darkness to LightThe Life of RileyFamily and his first children’s book–published in 2016 with drawings by a local illustrator–Santa’s Day Jobs.


All of Deibert’s books are available for purchase on Amazon as well as from the author directly at book-signings, in which he often participates.

On Sunday, April 8, from 1 to 3 p.m. he will be signing copies of his books at the Moravian Book Shop, 428 Main St., in downtown Bethlehem.

Other upcoming events that have yet to be finalized will be announced on his Facebook author page, through which he can also be contacted.


Lower Saucon Author Larry Deibert Publishes 2 New Books



Lower Saucon author Larry Deibert is on a roll, with two new books to his credit: The Life of Riley and Family.








Note: Larry Deibert’s book-signing scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Moravian Bookshop in downtown Bethlehem has been canceled due to the snowstorm.

A Lower Saucon Township author has just published two new books, including one that is a touching tribute to his beloved canine companion of nearly 15 years.

Larry Deibert said The Life of Riley was inspired long before he had to say goodbye to his wet-nosed friend–a 35-pound springer-lab mix–almost a year ago.

“I think ever since the day I had met him it’s been in the back of my mind,” he said of the book, which includes both humorous and touching anecdotes and vignettes Deibert believes any animal lover will relate to–but especially dog lovers.

In its opening “Notes,” he writes:

The book itself is written from Riley’s perspective, as though he were a talking dog.

“It’s a good story for anyone who is thinking about getting a dog, has a dog or has ever lost a dog,” Deibert said in a recent interview at Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown.

As much as he loved Riley, he has no plans to become a dog owner again right now.

He may, however, write another book about Riley, since he still has great memories of him to share.

“One of his favorite things was Frosty Paws,” he recalled, referring to the popular ice cream specifically for dogs. Riley liked to have a frozen treat every night promptly at 8:30 p.m., and he would remind his master that he was ready for one.

“Animals just seem to know things, instinctively,” Deibert commented. “It’s time for this. It’s time for that.”

Deibert’s other new book is called Family and is in a different genre than ‘Riley.’

Family is a historical fantasy novel that deals with the subject of immortality, which is one the author has written about in several of his other books, such as The Christmas City Vampire.

The story begins in 1779, when a 31-year-old Continental Army soldier–Julian Ross–is gravely wounded in combat.

The soldier’s friend treats the wound with his blood and infers immortality upon Julian in the process.

From the book jacket for Family:

Asked why he likes to write about living forever, Deibert said, “I think it’s just, how you live history, forever. But then again you have the loneliness (of immortality).”

Deibert never planned to be a writer, but he’s the author of nine books (including the two that were just published). Many of his works relate to the military, history, the paranormal and time travel. His published works include 95 Bravo, The Other Side of the Ridge: Gettysburg June 27th 2013 to July 2nd 1863, Fathoms: A Novel of the Paranormal, Requiem for a Vampire, Combat Boots dainty feet: Finding Love in Vietnam, The Christmas City Vampire and From Darkness to Light.

A Vietnam veteran and father of two adult children, he retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2008 after working as a letter carrier for 21 years. With his wife Peggy, he enjoys traveling to East Coast beaches and beyond, often finding inspiration in far-off places.

Although writing is typically thought of as a solitary pursuit, for Deibert part of the enjoyment of being an author has been the people he’s met on his travels, and in the course of everyday life back home; people who have sometimes been “immortalized” as characters in his books.

For example, a friend who is a waitress (and enthusiastic volunteer promoter) at the Sunrise Diner in Allentown has inspired characters in several of his works.

Deibert is currently working on two books–including one about werewolves–and said he enjoys juggling multiple projects.

“I’d like to write two books a year,” he said, adding that one of those two may be a novella.

One unusual characteristic of Deibert’s writing ability is that he writes all his books chronologically, from start to finish, as opposed to moving back and forth in time in his own mind as he writes.

“I still don’t know how I do it,” he marveled. “I think I write as a reader.”

Deibert’s books are available for purchase on Amazon, as well as from the author directly. To purchase a signed copy and have it shipped for an additional $5 fee, email him at larrydeibert@rcn.com.

He hopes to have a couple of signings at the Saucon Valley Farmers’ Market in Hellertown this summer, and he is also planning to participate in a Local Authors Fair at the Lower Macungie Library on March 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For updates about Deibert’s upcoming events, be sure to like his Facebook page.




Hellertown Author, Center Valley Artist Partner on New Book, ‘Santa’s Day Jobs’


Hellertown author Larry Deibert and freelance artist/illustrator Ashley Reigle of Center Valley partnered to create “Santa’s Day Jobs,” a whimsical children’s story and coloring book that was recently published.

Hellertown area author Larry Deibert has made a name for himself in recent years as the author of self-published novellas, several of which delve into topics related to the paranormal and even past lives. But he’s done a 180 degree turnabout with his latest work of fiction: an illustrated children’s book called Santa’s Day Jobs, which was inspired by his work as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service.

One day shortly before Christmas last year, he was delivering mail part-time in a local hospital when a little girl looked at him and exclaimed excitedly, “Santa!”


“I just smiled and nodded,” Deibert recalled. “She was the seed.”

Santa’s Day Jobs was published this fall and is illustrated by freelance artist Ashley Reigle of Center Valley, who was introduced to Deibert by a mutual friend and created charming illustrations to accompany Deibert’s one-page stories, which in addition to “Letter Carrier Santa” include “Baseball Catcher Santa,” “Teacher Santa,” “Chef Santa” and “Farmer Santa,” just to name a few.

In addition to being a storybook, Santa’s Day Jobs is also a coloring book, with 15 black and white drawings for kids to color in. Accompanying those drawings are brief descriptions of Santas moonlighting in other professions provided by school-age children, including members of Karen Scheuer’s second grade class (2015-2016) at Churchville Elementary School in Bucks County.

Reigle, who is a mother of two girls, said her work on the book was her first major illustration project, and one she enjoyed working on.

“It couldn’t have been a better concept,” she said. “I was really excited about it.”

“In the pictures, I tried to put little things throughout that the kids could find,” she added.

Deibert called his latest effort “a labor of love,” and one he hopes local families will enjoy together this holiday season.

In addition to Santa’s Day Jobs, Deibert is also the author of The Christmas City Vampire; Combat Boots dainty feet-Finding Love in Vietnam; The Other Side of the Ridge-Gettysburg, June 27th, 2013 to July 2nd, 2013; Fathoms; From Darkness to Light; Family; and The Life of Riley.

With his wife, Peggy, he often travels to visit new places and has gained inspiration for his writing in the process, for example during his visits to North Carolina.

Reigle is originally from Illinois and is married to Timothy, who’s a funeral director in the area.

Santa’s Day Jobs–along with Deibert’s other titles–is available for purchase on Amazon.com, where it has already received a five-star review from a customer.

“It is excellent for children,” wrote review Johnny LaSchenz. “It gives the children an understanding of various jobs. The children can also color the drawings in the book. I am sure the children who are receiving these books will enjoy them…”

For updates about Deibert’s future works and upcoming events, or to contact him about purchasing Santa’s Day Jobs, be sure to visit/like his Facebook page.